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Just like heating and air conditioning systems need regular maintenance, so does the ductwork in your home to ensure your unit is running efficiently. If there is a small problem with your ductwork, it could have an effect on the output of the entire system. If you are currently experiencing a problem, do not wait any longer to have Cool Atmosphere repair your ductwork! Because our top priority is quality work, you can expect the best in repair and installation. If you’re experiencing troubles with your ductwork and need the help of professionals, call our team at Cool Atmosphere today at (512) 260-2962 for your free estimate.

Common ductwork issues that need repair or replacement

Air duct leakage

If your duct seems to be inefficient, it could be due to air duct leakage. Small holes and tears in your duct means that your system has to work harder before it can adequately cool your home. This leakage leads to higher energy costs—and a very hot house during the summer. With our services at Cool Atmosphere, your ducts can be easily repaired to give you a well-working system. If your duct is old, it may be time to install a replacement. Investing in a new duct will make a huge difference and save you energy costs for years to come.

Poor insulation

Some older ducts were made with little to no insulation, which means your systems have to work harder to attain the desired temperature before cooling your house. If your HVAC system is having to work extra hard, energy costs skyrocket and your rooms are left either too hot or too cold. If you’re not satisfied with your system, it could be due to poor insulation inside the duct. Luckily, our team at Cool Atmosphere is here to help and get your systems working at full capacity.

Imbalanced airflow

A common issue with HVAC systems, especially in older units, is an imbalance in airflow. When experiencing an imbalance, some rooms will get too much air while others are left getting too little. This problem may be caused by a number of different problems in your duct. If could be due to poor insulation, leakage, or the construction of your duct. Whatever the problem is, you can be sure the technicians from Cool Atmosphere have the knowledge and tools to bring you perfect balance. Whether it’s repair or a replacement that you need, you can rely on us for service that is affordable and fast.

Cool Atmosphere: The best in town

With decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are the trusted choice for your HVAC needs in Texas. We are a family-oriented business that truly cares about our community, providing friendly help to anyone who is in need. The reasons we excel as a business include:

  • We are family owned and operated, and you can expect our team to treat you like family.

  • We always work with honesty and integrity.

  • One of our top priorities is customer service. We are here to make you satisfied.

  • We pride ourselves on our quality work ethic and eye for detail.

  • When it comes to your comfort at home, we always provide rapid service.

  • At Cool Atmosphere, we bring you excellent services at affordable prices.

Special offers from Cool Atmosphere

We love to support our community and help families and businesses get the services they need. That’s why we always provide special offers to help people when they need it the most. Our current special offers include:

  • Get a 3rd Check Up FREE when you sign up for a maintenance plan

  • 10 Years Parts and Labor Warranty when you purchase a York or Goodman full system

  • $250 off the Dustfree Active Air Purifier

  • Got a new smart thermostat for Christmas? $99 professional thermostat installation

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